Sharing the love – for each other and Pull Together

Sharing the love – for each other and Pull Together allows people to set up their own fundraising campaign. Heiltsuk community activist Jess Housty has set up a Pull Together fundraising page to encourage donations instead of wedding gifts.

In lieu of wedding gifts, we’ve asked our friends and loved ones to make a donation to help First Nations with the cost of legal challenges. For Heiltsuk’s part, Jess is involved at every step in their legal challenge, and she can vouch for the huge difference your contributions can make.

“The generosity of your love and support is a gift not just to us, but to everyone who believes the brightest future includes a coast unspoiled by the threats posed by Enbridge Northern Gateway.” (Jess & Dan’s Wedding Fundraiser,


  1. Hi,
    This Lisa From Haida Gwaii.
    I love you are doing and support this cause,..I provide brochures and reading material for my guests as they rent my cabins on our pristine beaches here on North Beach,..hence the name,..North Beach Cabins.

    We love our mother earth, our seas,..our future.

    My heart is with you. Keep strong,..I am here to help hold up the wall.


  2. I am with you in support of the cause against the life-threatening tar sands/ pipeline/ shipping through your magnificent country. I have sailed there in 1973 and appreciate your situation and your commitment and wish you success. I am not wealthy, live on the land and cannot contribute much financially, but will offer any creative support of solidarity or presence I can offer. Thank you for your example.


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