Amazing! Outstanding! Simply awesome!!! Thank YOU for everything you did to help reach Pull Together’s 2014 goal of raising $300K! That translates to a lot of support for First Nations legal challenges against Enbridge. In a marvellous display of solidarity, British Columbians and people from across the country stepped up and have become allies in the effort to protect our land, waters, and future.

This is a win for everyone who believes in a country that supports First Nations in their role as environmental stewards. This is for everyone who is affected by climate change, and all British Columbians who depend on an oil-free coast and salmon in the rivers.

The six First Nations involved with the campaign are very grateful for the public’s support in the legal fight against the approval of Northern Gateway.  The funds raised have already been disbursed to help pay for some of the legal work conducted to date, including obtaining the right to proceed with the legal challenge, and preparing and filing judicial review applications.

Just last week, the Court ordered tight timelines to file records of information, conduct cross-examinations, and file legal arguments.  Over the next six months, there will be an intense amount of legal work to be done before the Court can schedule a hearing of the judicial reviews.

And, as we will be able to share more in the spring, Enbridge’s lawyers are playing to win, so we can’t back down.

The Nations value working together, bringing more minds to bear on the legal issues these judicial reviews raise, as it strengthens both First Nations and the environmental intervenors’ arguments. Working together has, and will allow, strategic litigation that makes the best use of resources. We are all in this together!

YOU and so many others in BC are making a difference.  YOU and other community leaders who planned events and held fundraisers are sending a strong message to the Gitxaala, Heiltsuk, Kitasoo/Xai’xais, Nadleh Whut’en, Nak’azdli and Haida First Nations that the task may be big, but we are up for it.

As Heiltsuk councillor Jess Housty says, “There is nothing more powerful
than a community. There’s room in this canoe for everyone who’s ready to pick up a paddle! When we’re pulling in the same direction, there’s no distance we can’t travel together.”

Here’s how YOU made a difference with the Pull Together campaign. Please share so others can know about our collective impact:

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