Climate week sparks big shifts


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A tide of wild inspiration just  ripped across the continent. 

From New York to Vancouver, youth led a call that brought over 7 million people into the streets.  Amidst torrential downpours in Seattle and blazing skies in Montreal, people marched, sang, and bonded over a shared love of this planet.

Denial is no longer possible: with one giant, collective roar, activists like you committed to use everything in your power to turn the climate emergency into an opportunity. Says Eriel Deranger, Executive Director of Indigenous Climate Action,  “It’s not just environmentalists, it’s not just climate activists, it’s not just Indigenous people. It’s young people, it’s old people, it’s the labour movement, it’s migrant justice, it’s human rights, LGBTQI — it is all people around the world rising up together to say that we need fundamentally shift what we’ve been doing the last 500 years since colonization started.”

Ready to take on that bold challenge?

We’ve known for a long time that in this climate crisis, expanding the Tar Sands, investing in Big Oil and building new pipelines spells climate disaster. 

What we know, now, thanks to global climate strikes, is how many of us are willing to disrupt, speak out, and take action. 

Let’s start by stopping the Trans Mountain pipeline and tankers expansion project. 

 We are so excited to welcome Mary Lovell to our team: Mary has been an incredible champion for Indigenous rights and environmental justice since helping First Nations quash Kinder Morgan the first time around. It’s SO good to have her back on the team: she’s our outreach coordinator and is here to mentor you though setting up online fundraisers, involving your business or workplace, and organizing great community events. “Now is an urgent time to stand with indigenous communities fighting resource extraction on their lands. These nations have been leading the fight for generations.  Together we can raise hundreds of thousands of dollars by organizing dance parties, bake sales, passing the hat at birthday parties, and support these critical court challenges to ensure that their drinking water and fishing grounds are protected. Let’s get to it.”- Mary Lovell, Pull Together organizer

Nothing focuses the mind like a good deadline. The Federal Court of Appeal has given us one: we’ve learned that we have less than 10 weeks to fundraise for Indigenous Nations facing down the Trans Mountain pipeline and tankers project. Court hearings start the week of December 16th.  

We have until the new year to raise $289k: who’s in??

Energized by the inspiring youth who called on us to take climate action to the next level, we’re going to with your help we’re going to stand with Coldwater, Tsleil Waututh, Secwepemc and Squamish Nations in court to get this tar sands pipeline off of Indigenous lands and waters. 

Let the wild rumpus begin!!
Who knew stopping a pipeline could be so much fun? 

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