Cyclists span the entire country for Pull Together


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We received this amazing letter today and it’s a PING PING EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT!!

“This summer, I’ll be biking from Ottawa to Vancouver with Sarah! We’re biking to raise money for the Tsleil-Waututh, Coldwater, and Squamish First Nations to take Kinder Morgan to court. The act of approving this pipeline represents a lot of things — prioritizing profits over people, sacrificing the youth’s future, and the denial of climate change— but especially, especially, especially that colonialism is rampant and alive today. One of the best examples of this is that we’re celebrating “Canada’s” 150th birthday when the land existed for thousands of years prior. We’re starting in Ottawa — the birthplace of Kinder Morgan — and ending in Burnaby — where it will actually be built, where Indigenous communities will be affected, whose wildlife will be disturbed, whose citizens will be impacted. It will take us over 50 days to make this trip, a pretty apt representation of how far away the people making this decision are from those who are most directly affected by the pipeline’s implementation. 

There are ~numerous~ reasons we’re biking, but they can all be boiled down to a) indigenous solidarity, b) environmental advocacy (what??? i care about the environment??? since when??) and 3) sustainability of self. As many of you know, I got my 6th concussion (4th in 2.5 years) this January. Recovery has felt impossible at times. This trip is to show myself that I don’t have to give up everything that I love because of my brain and to heal this lil noggin of mine the best way I know how (through lots of nature and exploration). On a related note, my concussions always teach me so much — how fleeting joy is, how rare discovery is, how beautiful and kind people can be — and this trip is about searching for as much of that as I can.

We’re self-funding this trip, borrowing as many camping supplies and bike tools as possible, and keeping costs down by camping along the way. This will reduce our own financial costs, as well as our impact on the environment.

1. Donate whatever you can here:
100% of proceeds will go towards the Pull Together campaign, and you’ll get some swanky photos in return. I also strongly encourage you to donate directly to the campaign here:

2. Lend us supplies! We are currently in need of camping gear, bike tools, and other bike touring related supplies!

3. Give us a shower and a warm place to sleep if you live anywhere between Ottawa and Burnaby!

4. And because so many of you are students like myself, if you can’t help in any of these ways, please share , , and this status with as many people as you can.”

Congratulations Sarah and Alison for your champion adventures in the name of doing good! We look forward to posting your stories and hearing about your adventures along the way.

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