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Peace Arch Walk & Rally for our Salish Sea

September 30, 2017 @ 10:00 am - October 1, 2017 @ 4:30 pm

We walk and converge for the peace and wellness of our children, for peace and wellness for all life in our Salish Sea and beyond as we strive for harmony upon our Xaxe Teng’oxw (Sacred Morher Earth).

Birch Bay State Park: 5105 Helwig Road, Blaine, Washington 98230

To create a harmonious future free of monster hurricanes, free of giant floods and free of rampant wild fires and the devistating effects of Climate Disaster we must come together today for our children & all life… we must end this era of fossil fuel fascism. There is no choice but to stop LNG and Kinder Morgan in our Salish Sea.

We invite you to walk with us from key locations on both sides of the colonial border.. people from US & Canada coming together in peace, strength and absolute knowing that we will end these terrific threats to all that we love. To support our Sovereign Nations and Treaty Rights of other Nations.

This action is in solidarity with Pull Together’s 9 days of action Oct 2 -15 in solidarity with the 4 First Nations that will be in court with Kinder Morgan. Please consider donating to this extremely important cause: https://pull-together.ca/9-days-solidarity-october-2-15-stand-indigenous-peoples-court/#wpforms-8270

Saturday Day 1. 10am we begin with a traditional Lummi welcome, then a traditional brushing off with cedar bows for each walker before we launch our one day 8.8 mile walk from Birch Bay State Park (Lummi Territory) to Peace Arch Park. We leave from Birch Bay area because it is the proposed location of the Island Gas Connector Pipeline that would carry Canadian LNG (Fracked methane gas) to the Malahat LNG Facility (currently in construction) on Vancouver Island BC we walk with the blessings of our ancestors, with the strength of the songs laying our blessings upon the land in each step to create that bridge to a liveable future for our children and their children beyond them, to think about the Kulthlala’muchen (Orcas) and the return of wild salmon, to think about the return of ancestor forests (Scalal’nexw) and to Protect and Restore all of the once abundant life in our Salish Sea. Once we reach Peace Arch Park we will feast, have a short rally and catch a shutte off to our camping site.

Sunday Day 2. Peace Arch Park Lunch at 11am (provided). Peace Arch No LNG, No Kinder Morgan, No Open Water Atlantic Salmon farms in our Salish Sea, Create our Salish Sea Whale Sanctuary Rally at 12 noon! Feast at 2pm (Provided). Tokitae / Salish Sea Whale Sanctuary Proclamations will be signed throughout the day to continue the collaborative work of creating the worlds first Indigenous created Whale Sanctuary which has high potential for banning the traffiking of hazardous chemicals such as Malahat LNG, PSE Tacoma LNG and Kinder Morgan’s nearly 1 million barrels of Tar Sands oi per day in our Salish Sea! We also sign this proclamation to bring Tokitae (aka Lolita) home from 47 years captivity in Miami Seaquarium where recently she was left alone in an illegal sized open pool during Hurricane Irma and could have easliy died from flying debris.

Monday Day 3. For those who are available on this day will be providing a shuttle for a rally at the Kinder Morgan court hearing in Vancouver BC!

Peace Arch Park is Neutral ground for people from both sides of the border to enjoy! No Passorts, No Enhanced Drivers Licenses needed! Come as you are.. to help create peace and wellness!

We have 35 four foot Kulthlala’muchen (Orca) puppets and salmon for walkers to hold in support of life in our Salish Sea as we walk along the Salish Sea to the Peace Arch!

Camping gear will be transported from Birch Bay State Park to Peace Arch Park and from there to our camp site. Transport will be available from Peace Arch Park back to Birch Bay after the rally on Oct 1st for those that can not make it to the court hearing up North.

There will be Spring water offered at various stops along the walk as well as portable toilet stops along the walk. Please bring energy bars, granolla snacks to fuel up along the way. Please bring your usual camp gear. All forms of sustainable human powered transportation are welcome! Road To Athabasca cycle organization will be attending!
Link to walk route: https://goo.gl/maps/Ete4VoSHkm52

On the Canadian side of the border there is a walk being organized from Crescent Beach (Semiahmoo Territory) to Peace Arch Park!

Speakers include:
Rose Henry (sliammon First Nations)
Snohomish Sladai (Snohomish Tribe)
Dakota W Case (Puyallup Tribe)
Freddie Lane (Lummi Tribe)
Muzz Sampson (Saanich First Nations)
Eddie Gardener
Paul Cheoketen Wagner (Saanich First Nations)
More to be announced!

Supporting organizatiions include:
350 Seattle
Greenpeace USA
#NoLNG253 Water Warrior
Students for the Salish Sea
Social Environmental Alliance
Indigenous Solidarity Working Group
Road to Athabasca
More Supporting Organizations to be announced!

A few reasons why we must move forward now to create a future and stop LNG, Kinder Morgan and Open Water Atlantic Salmon Fish Factories in our Salish Sea:
LNG (Liquefied Fracked Gas) is a methane based fuel which destroys water tables everywhere! Methane is 80 times more toxic to our children’s climate that we will leave them to survive in.
Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion is moving forward with there plan of bringing nearly 1 million barrels of Tar Sands Oil PER DAY to the shores of our Salish Sea! Then traffic it across our waters in 350 Oil Tankers which have an 85% chance of an oil spill.
Open Water Atlantic Salmon Fish Factories are nothing short of diseased, mutated pollution being allowed in our Salish Sea that threaten our WIld Salmon with European retroviruses & genocide.

Our previous Event: Walk to Protect & Restore our Salish Sea was a huge success full of goodness and positive change! We pray you can hep make this one a smashing success also! We raise our hands to you for coming together once again with your good hearts and minds to help end this era of fossil fuel foolishness in our Salish Sea and beyond for all life! And to bring Tokitae home and create our Salish Sea Whale Sanctuary! HiSW’KE SIEM NE SCHAYLA’CHA (Thank you my honorable friends and family)!

See you there!


“The beauty of the trees, the softness of the air, the fragrance of the grass they speak to me…

The summit of the mountain, the thunder of the sky, the rhythm of the sea speak to me…

The strength of the fire, the taste of salmon, the trail of the sun, and the life that never goes away, they speak to me…

And my heart soars”
*Chief Dan George*


September 30, 2017 @ 10:00 am
October 1, 2017 @ 4:30 pm


Blaine, Washington