The Federal Government has approved the Northern Gateway pipeline and tankers project. Enbridge is delaying, but they are not giving in. Two thirds of British Columbians don’t want this project that threatens the oceans, wildlife, communities, and unique coastal economy of BC. It must never be built.

Multiple lawsuits are currently in the courts and being heard Oct 1, 2015. They attack the Joint Review Panel’s recommendations and Federal Cabinet’s decision to approve it.

Seven of these nations are working with Pull Together:

This campaign was born in BC’s north, where the most directly impacted communities are located. But it quickly spread across the whole province: people are raising money with bottle drives, concerts, dinners, and “friend-raising” online:

like Gabriela Hirt from Victoria.
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like Terrace, BC.
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like Denman Island Chocolate.
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People, communities, and businesses raised an incredible $500,000 in one year! This paid for critical case preparation and research. Enbridge is still fighting to win, and these seven nations need an additional $100,000 for court time.

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