Get Pulling!

Thank you for taking action to stand with Indigenous Peoples against TMX: the pipeline formerly known as Kinder Morgan.

There are three ways people can pull together to stop TMX. The easiest is to make a donation right now. Others are using our online tools to create their own fundraising page: it’s fun to set a goal, tell your friends, and watch the money roll in. Or you can host a creative event in your community. Anything goes – from a yoga class to renting a hall and throwing a party- the only limit is your imagination! Check out our Champions page to get inspired! 

“Friend-raising” online

We’re using the same easy to use and powerful online tools as the big charities do to help you “friend-raise” from your networks online. If 200 of us raise $250 each that’s over $50,000! The first step is to sign up online and create a profile. Then you personalize your page by saying why you want to stop TMX, or just use our ready-made story. Sharing the personal story behind your passion and commitment to this issue is what will make you a successful fundraiser! The next step is to use the online tool to email 5 or 10 of your closest friends, ones you know share your passion to stop Kinder Morgan. Tapping this inner circle builds momentum towards your goal. Next you’re ready to email 30, 50, 100 friends, and promote the campaign on social media. Our many graphics and success stories will make it easier to build momentum. Check out this helpful page for more tips on friend-raising. Don’t forget to remind everyone that all gifts will be doubled!

Hosting an event

Hosting an event is a great way to build community that deepens resistance to TMX, raise money, and have a lot of fun! Pull Together has created a helpful Event Kit with everything you need to dream up, organize, promote, and run your community event, large or small.  From small private brunches or potlucks with close friends, to getting outside for a hike, kayak, or a swim, to renting a community centre for a big party or throwing a small one at home, the only limit to what you can do is your own imagination. As long as your event mentions Pull Together and you send in the funds you’re part of the movement!  Creative fundraisers have included live music nights at local pubs, yoga classes by donation, potluck dinners, board game nights, and even a burlesque night! The average event raises $1,000. Download our Organizer Toolkit for tips, tools, and inspiration or sign up by emailing us and we’ll give you all the support you need to help you get going or promote your event to more people.

Involving your favourite business

Businesses who share a love for our coast are also pulling together, sending a powerful message about how mainstream an issue this is in BC. Did you know that only 3% of BC’s GDP comes from oil & gas? The vast majority of our employment & industry is dependent on a healthy ecosystem and the vibrant culture that thrives in BC. Businesses are donating a percentage of a day’s sales, matching employee donations, or donating money on behalf of their customers. You can also Pull Together where you work by starting an online fundraising team at your office or school. The Moksha chain of yoga studios raised over $50,000 by offering classes by donation:  almost 20 other yoga studios followed suit. A taqueira, a spa, and a coffee shop each donated a day’s revenues. The Pull Together chocolate bar from Denman Island Chocolate secured them (and us) a tonne of media. We have created beautiful and professional materials for businesses to share in their shops and on social media. Contact us to brainstorm ideas that fit your brand and work to engage your employees and customers.