It’s unbelievable, but we just won! Kinder Morgan is quashed!!!


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We are still shaking with excitement, emotion, and even some disbelief at the news. In case you haven’t heard yet, early this morning the Federal Court of Appeals “quashed” the approval of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline.

Yes, you heard that right. The court has overturned the Trudeau government’s approval of the project, ordering them to go back to the drawing board and redo the approvals process. This means construction must be halted. 

The ruling was quite clear: the federal approvals process failed to adequately consult First Nations, and they failed to take into account impacts from increased tanker traffic on the ocean.

This is a MASSIVE win for Indigenous rights, for orcas and salmon and this wild and beautiful coast, for the climate, for local economies, and for people everywhere who said no, this project does not have our consent, and this is the wrong direction for our country and our grandchildren.

Giving thanks on behalf of his 15 grandchildren, Grand Chief Stewart Phillip had this message for our community:

“Today is a day of celebration but also it is a day that we must reflect on our journey up to this point. I’d like to thank the massive infrastructure that was pulled together: in terms of grassroots people, Indigenous leadership and rank and file British Columbians and Canadians. Particularly I’d like to express my gratitude to all of those people who worked hard to raise the funds to be able to finance this campaign up to this point. It’s been a glorious campaign.”

This morning we live-streamed the historic press conference where leaders from many involved First Nations communities spoke about the win and the work that went into this moment. If you’re OK shedding some tears of joy, we encourage you to watch the whole thing here.

Or you can check out a short interview with lawyer Eugene Kung, where he outlines the specifics of why the legal cases resulted in such a resounding victory, here.

There is more work to do to ensure this project never sees the light of day. But today, we celebrate this unprecedented win. Indigenous lawsuits carried the day. The justice system worked. The Trans Mountain pipeline is stalled in its tracks.

THANK YOU each and every one of you who organized, raised funds, attended rallies, signed petitions, attended Indigenous led-events, and took other bold actions that led to this moment. This is your victory too.

Today is a day for the history books.

With so much excitement and humble love.


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