A joyous community day at Bandidas


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Banditas Taqueria held an Earth Day blast that raised $3660 for Pull Together! We received this lovely note from generous owner Aiyana:
“Saturday was a great success. It was a wonderfully busy day. I think the highlight was mid day, when we had Earnest Ice Cream here with their extremely cute scoop truck, and David Morin was playing live music out front, while Fresh Roots lead families through how to make a seedling pot out of recycled newspaper. People mingled, enjoyed their ice cream and the wonderful music. It felt like a truly joyous gathering of community, coming together to support something very important to all of us. While inside, the restaurant was slammed selling meals to all our happy customers. A truly lovely event.”
We were always secretly hoping that when the revolution came, there would be tacos. And now —  there are not only tacos, there’s ice cream. Love this coastal community, love these kind people, and love how much stronger we are when we Pull Together.

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