Just another day, swimming with the orcas…


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First day out, the orcas came to swim with her.

“That was the most incredible day of my life!!! Too tired to say much now, but an orca came and swam beside me within six inches of me, and hung out for a while. Not exactly sure how far I swam today, but I will upload my gps info in the morning, I know it was more than 17K made it from Drummond to Cusheon Cove; 6:30am to 9:30pm. That’s a day!”

On Rama’s first day of her epic 100km swim around Salt Spring, one of her spotters thought he missed the shot of a lifetime when an orca swam up and began travelling alongside the group. Then, the orca loops back…. for an amazing moment that you have to see to believe. Listen carefully: at the end, you’ll hear the orca sing back !!

Love orcas? Help Rama make her goal: donate at fundraise.raventrust.com/swim

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