Kinder Morgan is on the ropes. Let’s keep up the pressure


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No doubt you, like all of us, are energized by the possibility of a new B.C. government — one that is committed to stopping the Kinder Morgan pipeline and tanker project.

The news of an NDP-Green coalition offers some very welcome wind in our sails!  But though the Kinder Morgan project has hit a major setback, it’s a little early to pop the champagne.

Here’s what we heard from our legal experts this morning:

“The project is a long way from being dead. As an inter-provincial pipeline, this falls under federal jurisdiction: Trudeau has just reaffirmed federal support for the project.  The NDP-Greens will need to overcome this constitutional issue, as well as the fact that there is already provincial approval for the project.  Kinder Morgan will fight tooth and nail to uphold that existing approval.

Given Trudeau’s and Kinder Morgan’s aggressive response to the BC NDP-Green pact, it is now more important than ever to fight on with these cases.”

Let’s remember, this fossil fuel company is determined and deeply resourced. Alberta Premier Notley told the media, “Mark my words, the Kinder Morgan expansion will proceed.” Finally, Kinder Morgan has been given the green light by the Clark government: you can bet that proponents aren’t going to give up the fight. But — neither will we.

On the bright side, the NDP-Green agreement includes a commitment to use every tool available to stop Kinder Morgan. At the core of that arsenal are legal challenges. Legal cases are still our best chance to put a stop to Kinder Morgan’s reckless plans: that’s why  RAVEN is working together with Sierra Club BC and Force of Nature Alliance to raise $500k.

So while we can celebrate progress, now’s not the time to let up. It’s still up to us to ensure that when the Tsleil Waututh, Coldwater and Squamish Nations get to court, they stand with the strength of thousands by their sides.  First Nations should not have to divert funds for community services to pay for court cases that benefit us all.

It’s a good day to muster our forces to send a powerful message to Kinder Morgan and any potential investors that the legal risk is prohibitively high. Think of your donation to the Pull Together campaign as a love letter to First Nations —  and to this beautiful land and water that sustains us all.

Let’s ride the winds of change and energize our movement in support of First Nations who are leading the fight for our common future. Thanks for all that you do.

The Pull Together team




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