Pull Together — with our partner organizations RAVEN, Sierra Club BC and Force of Nature —  is committed to networked change: we know we can’t take on the huge issues we are facing without a strong movement of people all across the country who are passionate about defending Indigenous rights.

You organize, and we support you: sometimes that means we provide posters and promotional materials; sometimes it means we set you up with connections to volunteers and Indigenous guests in your area. We do whatever we can to amplify your event through our social media channels and the media so you get a great result.


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We’re constantly blown away by the commitment, rigour, vitality and creativity of our allies. When it comes to throwing a party, hosting a fundraising concert, or pulling together a rally, our supporters have consistently knocked it out of the park in terms of creating events with heart and impact.  Thank you for taking a stand and joining us to do the important work of setting relationships right.