They’re delicious. Adored internationally. And now the stuff of revolution.  



Pancake Breakfasts: our secret weapon to stop TMX!

Pancakes are feeding the appetite for Indigenous rights in Canada and the United States! The widely loved brunch staple has inspired people to belly up to locally-hosted griddle gatherings, and the result is a flood of much-needed funds for the Pull Together campaign. Pancake brunches, it turns out, have the power to flip people into action supporting the Tsleil-Waututh, Coldwater and Squamish Nations’ lawsuits to stop the Trans Mountain pipeline and tanker expansion. These Indigenous legal challenges may be our best shot at stopping this toxic tar sands project in its tracks.  

 Seattle's Pull Together "Pancakes Over Pipelines" event was a huge success: while folks loaded up on pancakes and maple syrup, more than $20,000 CAD was raised. The majority of those donations were then matched by an anonymous donor in BC, which brought the event to a whopping $35,000 raised in just one community meal. 

Then, Squamish Nation hosted a pancake breakfast that brought people together to share stories and syrup, raising $6500 on one Sunday morning!


Ready to get cooking?

Whether griddles get cooking for a group that gathers in your kitchen or for a hall full of hundreds of people, we’ve seen that full bellies and gathering over a meal is one of the most nourishing ways to persevere in the movement for Indigenous rights and climate justice. 

That’s why we want to share this recipe for success with everyone.  Here are the ingredients for hosting your very own flipping fantastic Pancakes not Pipelines event:

  • Click here to Sign up! Let us know what you want to do, and we’ll stand behind you every step of the way by creating event posters, hand outs, social media promotions, list in local events calendars, send out email inviting organizations and community members to the pancake bonanza! Just reach out and let us know you are interested in organizing : ) 

  • Pancakes are better when shared. Gather a group of brunch enthusiasts to help make the pancake vision come to life!

  • Set the date and make an event page, and if you plan for an event bigger than what you can host at home, find a venue with cooking capacity.

  • Get creative with programming! You can engage speakers/film/musicians, invite local First Nations to attend and speak, and recruit volunteers for the big day. Download an Organizer Toolkit for more great ideas and inspiration. 

  • Send a press release to the local paper and invite them to attend, prep your volunteers, get the griddles and maple syrup in order, fling open the doors and let’s flipping STOP TMX. 

  • After your event: send a follow up email reporting on your success, invite last-minute donations through the event page, share gratitude for all those who made it possible. 

  • Go viral: post your event pics on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter and tag people to CHALLENGE friends in other communities to get cooking to stop TMX. Use the hashtags: #pulltogether #stoptmx #pancakesnotpipelines #peopleoverpipelines #indigenousrights #stoptransmountain and tag us in your shares @raven_trust


We encourage you to get your maple syrup ahead of time from these wonderful people:

And on us, here are links to real pancake recipes!

Who knew stopping a pipeline would be so delicious?