Pull Together Events Are All Over the Map

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With dance parties and comedy shows, people are getting creative in their efforts to stop a pipeline.

Under the tagline, “Who knew stopping a pipeline would be so much fun?”, people all across Turtle Island are using their talents and engaging their communities to support the Pull Together campaign. 

Activists know that the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion (TMX)  project is far from a done deal. From the streets to the courts, the TMX project faces stiff resistance from an Indigenous-led movement.

Pull Together — which is raising funds for the legal challenges of four First Nations opposed to TMX —  is the main reason why this project has been delayed for years from its anticipated construction. With unprecedented solidarity between Indigenous leaders and thousands of allies, the movement raised over $700k to back a winning case that stopped the project in August 2019. 

Now, the Pull Together movement has revived to rally behind these Indigenous nations and bring in allied support in their next round of legal challenges. In just a matter of months, communities have raised over $130k in grassroots efforts alone. 

From Toronto to Portland, folks are getting together and brainstorming the best ways to bring their communities together to support strategic  court cases that may be our last, best chance to stop TMX. . Vancouver is planning comedy cabarets, dance parties and drag shows, Portland is planning a variety talent show, and Victoria volunteers are organizing a Halloween house party. Businesses are joining the movement as well in the Week to End TMX. 

Do you want to join the movement and the fun in stopping a pipeline while supporting Indigenous rights? Organize an event here! Contact us if you are needing any kind of support or help thinking of ways to get involved. Community events are our secret weapon to quash this pipeline for good. 

Upcoming Events:

Join Hannah at Modo Yoga in North Vancouver, BC on Friday, October 18th for a very special Tragically Hip Flow class at 5:30 pm. Donations are supporting our campaign efforts! 

Depressed about climate change? Wish you could do more? Get your activist fix at Green Kegs & Hams on October 24th! The price of admission and every drink funds Pull Together’s legal challenge of the TransMountain Pipeline: https://pull-together.ca/green-kegs-and-ham-a-comedy-show-to-save-the-planet/

Stay tuned with  the Pull Together facebook page to see more upcoming events!

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