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Are you a business owner?  Be part of Pull Together’s success story.

At Pull Together, we’re using the power of our creative industries to stand up to Big Oil. Your work is what makes this place thrive: we all want to see an economy grow based on the film & tv, tourism, food and hospitality, high tech, health, research, and renewable energy enterprises that are already leaders.

The business case against the TMX pipeline expansion is clear: 50 jobs created, vs. hundreds of thousands of jobs risked by potential spills.

What can you do? 

Indigenous legal challenges are one way to ensure that TMX never gets built. We stopped the Enbridge pipeline, and we’re using the same methods that killed that project to stop TMX too. Supporting Pull Together isn’t just a great way to keep oil tankers off our coast, though: it’s a real way to put reconciliation with First Nations into action.

How to help: Donate a portion of proceeds from a product, a day’s sales or wages, or an event to Pull Together.

We’ve raised over a million dollars for Indigenous justice over the past 3 years. Help determine a future for this beautiful place that aligns with your values. Be part of something epic: Pull Together.

Get in touch and we’ll make you promo materials & tell your story on our popular website & social media. Contact andrea@raventrust.com. 

Pull Together is good for business: We celebrate your leadership: let us know what you’re doing and we’ll promote the heck out of your business. These amazing businesses have stepped up to support the campaign: join them!

LUSH • Denman Island Chocolate • Patagonia • Salt Spring Coffee • Moksha Yoga International • Spirit Bear Lodge • Bandidas Taqueria • The Soap Dispensary • Uprising Breads Bakery • Cartems Donuts • Earnest Ice Cream • Faculty Brewing  • Strange Fellows Brewing • Dogwood Brewing  • Powell Brewery  • Callister Brewing  • Chickpea • Arturo’s Mexico To Go  •  Jam Jar • Moonbrew • Tofino Brewing Co • Pacific Surf Co • Jamies Whaling STation • Salt Spring Adventure Company • Common Loaf Bake Shop • Clayoqot Wild • Deep Cove Kayaking • Talaysay Tours • Dad’s Westcoast Awesome Sauce • Remote Passages Tours

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