Pull Together : The People vs. Trans Mountain


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In just over a month, you’ve raised $75,000 to support Indigenous legal challenges that may be our best chance at stopping the TMX pipeline and tankers project.

Canada has doubled down on efforts to build a pipeline from the tar sands to the west coast. The plan is to run a pipeline through salmon-bearing streams, parks and Indigenous communities before loading ships with toxic diluted bitumen. The project would mean a 7-fold increase in tanker traffic in the Salish Sea. The resulting carbon bomb from burning the dirtiest oil on the planet would blow past Canada’s climate targets, spell extinction for southern resident orca whales, and push the planet past the tipping point.

With orcas on the brink, threats to the beautiful west coast from a 7x increase in tanker traffic, and a climate emergency threatening our common future, we can’t let this happen.

Ready to take action to keep the west coast tanker free?

Download your organizer toolkit and get pulling: https://pull-together.ca/act

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