Sponsor an Orca: a superpod of killer whales fundraises for Pull Together

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Orca Sounding is an art project using whale sculptures and their human guardians, in a performance that reflects the wide spread knowledge of—both traditional and scientific— and love for these whales. Every person involved in the project is linked to an individual whale from the resident J, K, and L pods who live in the Salish Sea.

“With the population of resident orca now down to 78 individuals, our little human group mirrors the whales in more ways than just numbers and range of ages. Like us, these orca have complex cultures and diverse languages. They care for their families and are led by matriarchs, long after their reproductive years. They have rituals for sharing territory. They sing, share their food, play, court, nurse their babies and, like us, grieve at loss.” — Briony Penn (Orca Ino L-54)

Filmmakers, artists, marine biologists, and makers of all kinds are bringing their own specific skills and story to bring the lifeworlds of the resident orca whales to the surface. The culmination of this project will be a coming together of all 78 Orca in a live performance during the Walk for the Salish Sea in May 2017.

The orcas are inviting people to sponsor whales in support of Pull Together. They have created fundraising profiles for whales and their guardian humans and aim to raise $5000. See the superpod team here, and sponsor a whale! https://fundraise.raventrust.com/team/114970

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