Swim for the Salish Sea: one woman’s quest to protect what she loves


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A Salt Spring woman is committed to stretch the limits of human capacity in the hope to improve the health of our ocean waters. Please support Rama DelaRosa and her fierce determination to save this coast and uphold Indigenous rights. We all want to protect this beautiful coast, but this amazing athlete is actually going to swim around Saltspring to raise money for the Pull Together campaign!

This is an incredible act of love and courage. Please get behind her with your cheers, shares, pledges and donations.


Be sure to watch, and share, this video: https://www.facebook.com/ramadelarosa/videos/278721149274789/?hc_ref=ARR79S5BbqK0oMm_PgktICq_yLCDKHpuHBKCMkQnjKY3n0BeHBUN7cjC8RsnyN7_PUM&pnref=story

Says Rama: “I am in love with the Salish Sea! This swim is all about putting that love into action to create lasting change, real change, so that one day when future generations are showing their grandchildren a pod of orcas breaching they can think of me and all the people who came together at a critical time in history and saved our oceans from calamity. The ocean is my habitat, and as a regular occupant and devoted admirer, I feel I have no other choice but to do everything in my power to protect our beloved Salish Sea. So I will be swimming the Salish Sea, being out in the water enjoying the very thing I hope to protect.

Swimming in the ocean is one of my greatest joys in life and the ocean is an endless source of healing, inspiration , sustenance and mystery to me; a place where I feel free, joyful and powerful. The ocean gives me so much, this is my way of trying to give back to that which sustains me.

The Salish Sea is already in peril, as many of you have noticed the disappearance of our Starfish. All pipelines leak! All tankers spill! The 7 fold increase that KM is proposing would mean the virtual elimination of our resident Orcas. That loss would be inconceivable and impossible to recover from. We must all do our part to prevent this.

The swim is being planned for the first week of August. My route is roughly 100K and will take me about a week to complete with events and check in’s along the way all around Saltspring Island.I am looking for  sponsors to back me per kilometre to raise my goal of $7,000 for Pull Together legal defense fund fighting to keep our coast clean. That $7000 would be doubled by an anonymous backer and become $14,000 to fight for a clean coast and could potential be what pushes Pull Together to reach their goal of $500,000!!!

What a win that would be for the Salish Sea and all who love this coast.  Can you help me with any of that? I’ll be keeping you posted as things progress! Thanks so much for your care and support to protect Salish Sea.”

Sponsor the Swim for the Salish Sea by making a donation. $1 per kilometre = $100!! Remember that donations will be DOUBLED, so dig deep and protect the Salish Sea with Rama Delarosa!!


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