Let’s use the power of the crowd to stop a pipeline!

Online fundraisers are our secret weapon to how we raised $600k to stop Enbridge — and how we’re going to do it all over again and raise half a million dollars to stop Kinder Morgan!

The average fundraiser brings in over $500: with matching funding, a small collection of donations from your inner circle can add up, fast.

        Step by Step Guide to Online Fundraising


Make it personal: tell people why YOU
are part of this campaign.


Engage your inner circle: reach out via email, text message, or phone call.


Share your fundraiser and keep everyone updated on your progress and impact.


Share your success by thanking donors and posting updates!

**Important Notice **

If you have already donated to any of RAVEN’s campaigns, you will have been assigned an account on our fundraising system. When you go to create your fundraising profile, you will need to retrieve your account by clicking “reset your password”. Click HERE to get started, then click “LOGIN” in the top right hand side of the screen, then choose “Forgot Password”. You will receive a magic reset code by email. Enter that, then return to the main fundraising setup page to create your profile.

Need help? Email us: we’re happy to walk you through the setup by phone or skype.

1. Set up your online fundraiser

Go to https://fundraise.raventrust.com/campaign/pull-together-against-kinder-morgan/c111605 and click the “Become a Fundraiser” button. Start by fundraising as an individual: even if you plan on joining or creating a team, you need to start with your own individual profile. 

2. Set a goal, choose an end-date, and write a catchy headline.

• Start by setting a goal: remember that donations are being doubled and that the average fundraiseer brings in $500. Choose an end date: we suggest Dec 31, 2017.
• Give your page a title: make it short, personal, and clear, i.e. “Help me protect orca whales by stopping Kinder Morgan!” Next, you will be guided to sign up using Facebook or your email.

3. Customize your story

Now, you can fine-tune your fundraiser. Click the MANAGE button in the top right hand corner. You will be shown a series of cards which walk you through how to customize your story and personalize your email messages. You can also add a photo or video to your story, and upload a new profile picture to make your fundraiser more dynamic.  
To change your profile picture: Click MANAGE. Select the DETAILS tab. Click “Upload” to choose a new photo from your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

4. Share your fundraiser

Return to the main fundraising page by clicking “View” in the top right hand corner of your screen. Look for the “Share” section. Before posting on social media, give your fundraiser a little momentum by reaching out to friends and family directly via an email, text message, or phone call. A personal message asking for their support will go a long way.

Once you’ve done your first round of personal outreach, social media is a great next step to keep everyone updated on your progress and impact. Share your fundraiser on Facebook and Twitter.

5. Thank donors and post on social media

You will receive emails whenever someone donates to your page. Go to your fundraising page and scroll to the bottom of the page to post a “Thank you” to donors on your fundraising page.

Want to go the extra mile? Click the blue DONATE button to make a donation to your own fundraiser to set the example and kick off your fundraising efforts!

6. Post campaign updates Every week or two, it helps to post updates about your campaign. Here’s how: • Click the “Manage” button in the top right hand corner of your screen. • Under the “Story” tab, click “Updates”, then click “Create New Update” • Write your story. Add photos or click the video icon to add our awesome and inspiring Pull Together video :  https://vimeo.com/211535415 • click “Publish”. Then, choose the Facebook and/or Twitter buttons to share your update on social media. 

Don’t forget to say… THANK YOU!!

You can also post thank you’s on social media and tag donors or post on their timelines
so everyone in your network can see the support rolling in. 



Get inspired by these Pull Together champions who
are finding creatively kick-ass ways to fundraise online!

Naturalist David Denning set an ambitious goal and has raised nearly $5k!

This Calgary couple are passing the virtual hat to fundraise in their community.

Susan Hannon loves seabirds and an oil-free coast! She’s 1/3 of the way to her goal.

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