Meet the Nations: Stk’emlupsemc te Secwepemc 


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The Stk‘emlúpsemc te Secwépemc, ‘the people of the confluence’, are members of the Interior-Salish Secwépemc (pronounced suh-WEP-muhc)-speaking peoples of British Columbia. They are located in the Secwépemc traditional territory around the confluence of the two Thompson Rivers and Kamloops Lake.

The Stk‘emlúpsemc te Secwépemc Nation (SSN)  is a progressive community committed to attaining self-sufficiency and independence through education and economic development. In 2008, SSN was a recipient of the 2008 Community Economic Developer of the Year Award. The Nation has created over 200 direct jobs and generated $200 million in regional economic activity.

SSN currently has approximately 1,000 members living on and off its 33,000-acre (130 km2) reserves. SSN has strengthened the community with childcare, education and health care facilities as well as other initiatives and infrastructure. Having support to purse a Judicial Review of the Kinder Morgan project means SSN will not have to draw funding from these important community development initiatives to fight a court battle.


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