Stand with Indigenous Peoples to stop TransMountain! 

Pull Together was created as a way for people to work together to stop unwanted tar sands pipelines.

Thousands of people have raised over $1.3 million dollars for Indigenous legal challenges. Those court actions killed Enbridge’s Northern Gateway, and have halted progress on the TransMountain expansion — also known as the Kinder Morgan pipeline project.    

Add your voice to support Pull Together: lets put an end to the TransMountain project once and for all.

Pull Together is on a winning streak. Join us.

First, we raised $650k and the Enbridge Northern Gateway project was killed in court. 

Next, we halted the TransMountain expansion — also known as Kinder Morgan. People held fundraisers, organized events and raised funds for Indigenous legal challenges. Those court cases were successful in overturning the pipeline approval and stopping construction.

Now, we wait for Canada’s decision about whether to proceed with the stalled project or cancel it outright. 

There is no distance we can’t travel when we go together. 

The TransMountain pipeline and tanker project poses unacceptable risks to our oceans and waterways, our climate, local economies and communities. It must never be built. First Nations have vowed to stop it in court, and have already scored a significant victory that has — for now — stalled the project. People, businesses, & communities are joining forces to stop this pipeline, together.  

Join us: donate, organize, or set up your own online fundraiser!